Thank You For Lying

Dear Associate, Thank you for lying
Impressive profile, innocent face, tailor-made sheep’s clothing
The voice of Jacob laced with a sweet accent
How I so easily fell for a lame scam. A trick so cheap only a greedy fellow could be fooled____
How you mirror me
For were I honest, not swayed by shades of empty rhetoric, your real colours would have been revealed
A man is deceived only to the extent to which he deceives himself
Now I realize the need to be true.

Dear Uncle, Thank you for lying
So you were scared??
How highly I thought of you
The substance of man’s grandest reputation is dwarfed by the lightest consequence of truth____
Everyone is scared at some point
This simple fact had eluded me… until now
Now when bad approaches, there’s no need to cover my tracks with lies… I face it
‘Cos I know everyone goes through this phase

Hello Lover, Thank you for lying
You and I at the gate to paradise, loneliness far from me
Just one more line of yours and bliss would have replaced blood in my veins
My whole sense of fulfilment delicately hanging on perfectly delivered false-hope____
You and I in a humble apartment, downtown Lagos
Dinner – though a modest helping of cassava flakes and bean cakes – was a near heaven experience
‘Cos all day you shared with me a dream about our future
But you had other dreams – Susan your ever present ex was also tagged in the same future.

Thank you for lying
The truth is bitter only when it doesn’t appear on the menu, but sits comfortably on the dish one orders
Perhaps it needs no introduction, no fanfare, no colouring
Or is it possible to colour or distort one truth with another??____
Yea, I’ve had my days of pretentious living
Loving the most, that which was sure to ruin me
Battered and bruised, healing comes to me, undeservedly
Now my options are few – Truth or falsehood – Fulfilment or ambition – Contentment or lack

Thank you for lying
But you won’t get another chance… to lie to me

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