Ever Present Ex

Susan stepped out into the streets. It’s what it’s called around here – each portion of the community that lacked the shelter and exclusivity which the confines of walls and doors bestow on real estate. The uniformed door attendant unlooked Susan’s bewilderment at the building she just stepped out from. Once a block of flats for local government employees. Later a motel. Now it houses a Sports’ betting shop, a computer school, two Pentecostal churches, and the pharmacy from which she just bought an item.

There are streets, and there are streets. But Akinlade road is a clash of street civilizations. Gang fights, police raids, an open air crusade by a church, a Town hall meeting, and a wake keep procession could all be happening at the same time while the clouds are mildly threatening a downpour. And on some days, there’s just not one activity. Not even a little more sunlight or wind speed. Not a shy moon. And on this day, not even one faint sign of Emeka.

“On this day in history”

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