I CAME LATE | An Assertion of Hope… by clickpresh

And so I joined the race.
Was I supposed to sit and watch?
There’s not even a seat in place,
VIPs, Nobodys, Everybody, in the rush;
The quarterly targets,
Annual deadlines,
Schedules and itinerary,
Impossible timelines.

Time waiting for no one,
Tirelessly sprinting to the future,
An era in the distant past to come,
A full circle in eternity conjectured;
For one, a time to cuddle her baby,
Me, a time to hope for a spouse,
No competition,
Destiny sets the agenda without grouse.

The right business opportunities,
My long awaited better half,
Sincere heart fancies
All have one thing in common;
The tendency to delay,
The denial illusion,
Prayers seemingly unanswered,
Aversion to arriving when needed most

Patience and endurance,
The rules of the game,
If I must make it in time,
Then I must take my time;
I run with diligence,
Walk with patience,
Crawl with speed,
I eventually arrive.

Wasn’t rich at 35,
Didn’t make my papers at first sitting,
Wasn’t married at 27,
No child 5 years after wedding;
But I know how it works,
There is a time for me for every need,
When they are most beautifully met,
The pain of desire vanishing in a second.

I came late,
And its on record,
But I won my race.

Copyright (c) November 2014 clickpresh’s blog. All rights reserved.