Destiny by Boat

I squint, I pray, then I doubt. I pray again.
And again, and then, against doubt.
My faith as small as a hydrogen atom,
Unduly outsized by fears.

But I row still. Courage.
Faith unbelievably fueled by fear…
…The tragedy of leading an unfulfilled life.

A night voyage from good to great.
Self-pity left behind in my comfort zone.
No better time to set sail,
Than when the mind’s made up.

Hope, an invite to life outside my comfort zone.
Life, a two-man event; Purpose and I only.
I shall give up who I am,
For who I should be.

Tonight, the weatherman is under the weather.
His forecasts safely tucked in his subconscious.
The clouds not giving a clue to a novice.
Storms and Quiet equally await my launching out.

Water everywhere;
Around my boat, from the sky,
And at the corner of my eyes.
But it won’t get into my heart.

Did self-pity jump in again?
No way!
I’d rather swim to shore,
Than enjoy a luxury pity-party cruise to nowhere.

The night now at its darkest.
Hope fading into dense clouds,
Tickling them to sustain the downpour.
But I’ve come too far to give up.

A path in the sea.
Walls of water standing erect,
For a man on a mission. __ ME

Destiny appears on the horizon,
Casting bright shadows on low hanging clouds.
In a moment, dawn will be.
Wings and feathers, their flights and songs aloud.

But destiny is a journey,
And thus have I embarked.

© December 2015 clickpresh’s blog. All Rights Reserved



today 3


Its about that time in January when the new year fever has subsided considerably, and I’m down to just one new year resolution out of several I made. I had 11 at the beginning of the year, I guess the other ten had their own resolutions too and I lost out in the clash of resolutions. At least they should have sent a memo, perhaps I’d have picked less competitive resolutions.

One of my 11 resolutions now defunct was that I’d look less at pretty dark-skinned Lagos women. I was having a smooth ride until the usual January fasting and prayers ended, work resumed, a Lagos traffic (human and vehicular) which knew not 2015 took to the streets and highways. Then I saw. And it was good.

Please don’t blame me. There are only a few of them left in Lagos – courtesy Toning. And I’m of the opinion that an agency be set up to help preserve this endangered specie of pretty women – Department for the Preservation of Dark-skinned Ladies DPDL. I am willing to be the director of that agency. *faints with one eye open*

Ok I’m back. Back to less serious matters. It is imperative that we set goals at the start of each new year, so we are motivated though the year. Resolutions would have neatly fallen into the ‘goals’ category were it not for the fact that they are intricately tied to die-hard habits. We treat them with the same wishful thinking paradigm devoid of meticulously planned purposeful commitment.

2015 is on the move, faster than the speed at which a Nigerian politician can mis-manage public funds. How then do we meet up with our life, career and relationship goals.
Spirituality (in life), talent (in career), and/or love (in relationship) alone doesn’t perform the magic needed for a fantastic year. There’s the part of making decisions/resolutions to live, work and love. There’s also the part of sticking with them by doing what is required.

Of course we are quite familiar with these sayings. Why then do we not finish the year as strong as we ought to? Perhaps we should place less emphasis on the year and rather focus on each new day. Maybe we should have New Year Daily Resolutions in place of New Year Resolutions, and New Day Resolutions in place of New Year Resolutions. What exactly is a year? It is simply a couple of days.

Goals of every kind and size must be fit into a daily agenda. Financial freedom and security, mortgage and property, chastity in relationship, marriage, sound health, personal rebranding, skill dexterity et al as far reaching as they seem, become easier when a little of each is consistently achieved each new day.

If I am committed to achieving my daily goals in life, career and relationship, the year will certainly take care of itself. Should I then desist from making yearly resolutions? No. But the yearly should be predicated on feasible dailies or I lose out and have none left at the end of January, because the usual Jan.1st energy bust is temporary.

Today presents an amazing opportunity for me to have a fantastic year.

In 2015 I shall live in sound health
Today, I eat healthy

In 2015 I shall be blessed financially
Today, I save some money and eliminate waste

In 2015 I shall be the best in my field
Today, I take time out to practice

In 2015 I shall not indulge in acts of moral and/or sexual misconduct
Today, I flee every appearance of evil

In 2015 I shall be favoured
Today, I help the needy

Did I tell you what my remaining (out of the first 11) new year resolution is?

  • Its to make each new day count.

To start each new day like its a new year.

To greet everyone I come across like I’ve not seen them since last year, even though I saw them yesterday.

To say a prayer as soon as I’m awake, and plan my day as I would a new year, rather than grab my phone to read feeds on twitter.

To work hard on my job like I’ll give an annual report at the end of today.

To love and cherish (in practical terms) the people in my life like I’ll be closer to the grave by tomorrow morning. Of course I will.



Copyright (c) January 2015 clickpresh’s blog. All Rights Reserved.