Skipping Breakfast

It’s 4am according to my alarm, but my body says it’s about 1am, just 2hrs since I fell asleep after preparing a meal which I was too tired to eat. As if physical strength was also listed as an active ingredient in the recipe, and all I had left after the day’s work wasn’t enough but I gave it anyway, because, homemade dinner. And to think that some folks actually boast of sleeping between 12am and 3am everyday – though my sleepy memory can only recollect characters in motivational books by American authors.

Next, I bemoan how young hustling execs in Lagos arrived at this seemingly ungodly consensus ‘wake up’ time. Personally, I do not think the rush to beat traffic sufficiently explains it, except for the people who seem to have ‘beating Lagos traffic everyday’ as a life goal.

While I’m having these work unrelated thoughts, my clock ticks. I finally get off the bed at 4:20 when the 10min snooze expires for the second time, and I’m wondering if Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity can explain why time is in such a hurry to my bright future whenever I’m within a 2-meter radius of the center of my bed.

I grab my phone not to Skype Eniola, but to check if the funds I have amassed in my retirement savings account is ‘jaiye‘ enough for me to email my resignation to my boss straightaway. In other news; Eniola and I have been brooding over this particular revolutionary business start-up idea. Perhaps, this is a sign that I should resign and pursue my dreams of playing big in the Agric products/commodities supply chain.
I know, i know, that isn’t a popular career path to success.

Surprisingly, MTN behaves, and my account summary ushers reality for the umpteenth time into my room. I’m quite convinced that if a voice message of my current account summary was the ring tune of my alarm, my alarm would be 100% efficient at waking me up.

I freshen up and off I go to work. Not forgetting to Skype Eniola before I hit the road. God is not emotionally insecure that he’ll choose to not bless my hustle because I hurriedly left the house without saying hello to Him. But I can’t say same about Eniola. For her, morning chats make the day bright and fair even before the sun crosses the horizon, and the weather makes up its mind about honouring the prediction of its forecasters.

When for some reason I miss the morning ritual, it usually turns out to be a day of unending apologies from me to her. Problem is, an apology seems very much like a ‘you are always right’ compliment to Eniola. Ok, your guess is as good as mine as regards her capacity to tirelessly take compliments all day. Thankfully, God is not like my Eniola.

Some things seem out of place on a workday morning – a nice breakfast, a few minutes of thanksgiving, a refreshing drink from an inspired author, some soft music. The list is quite lengthy. The many graces we neglect in our rush to beat time. In our race to catch up with time and with our peers who had a head start, we often mistake these graces for speed bumps.

Here in uptown Lagos where working is living, working tirelessly for unreasonably long hours confers a sort of social status on individuals. An individual is fortunate to get a legit means of livelihood, so they work round the clock as a show of gratitude for being singled off the stats. A cycle begins.


*Repeat every workday until One Day!*


One Day

The money is made, empire built, unborn generations insured et al.

Only that this describes a minute fraction of folks in the city. In fact, majority of the persons whom this description aptly fit, will/do/did not go through this grind. In essence, the odds for the Utopian future we desire does not hang solely on the drudgery of our work schedule.

‘One day’ is when the curtains are drawn and we reflect on what really maters.

‘One day’ is when we realize that we are not slaves to time and seasons. We are to determine them.

… when we realize that Eniola was right after all. Frequent open heart sessions with people in your innermost circle has a positive impact on your well being and consequently on your overall performance.

… when we realize that pursuing our dreams and passions via not-so-popular paths doesn’t necessarily mean we have chosen to gamble with our bright future.

… when we realize that we ought to define success personally, and not feed into a stereotype.

… when we realize that though God is not emotionally insecure, we – by putting a selfish spin on this truth – often bear pains absolutely needless for people who are only a prayer away from Him.

Before One Day

There’s a thin line between hard work and self-slavery. The former savours every moment and is thankful for a brand new opportunity to be of value, the latter skips the many graces of each new day to head off, each with emphasis on getting the work done.

Let not ‘Life and Living’ be relegated to some time in the future.


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