FOR MATURE PERSONS ONLY | A Sure Guide… by clickpresh

Never mind this generation of fast paced youngsters who seem to be breaking new grounds in record time. Where were they when you pioneered frontiers in the same field? You have seen it all so don’t be inspired by these new fancy success stories. Instead remain in your exalted throne of past glory and relive sweet memories of the good ol’ days when you were top notch. I show you how.

You’re The Boss. Act Like It.
When you are in a gathering, enforce your superiority over others. Take the credit for the good inputs and exonerate yourself of the consequences of bad inputs. Don’t arrive early for meetings but shut the door against fellow latecomers after you arrive. If it is within your power, punish the latecomers, including the ones who arrived before you.

Mingle Only With People Who Massage Your Ego
Your circle of friends should be a subset of your most vocal praise singers. Have nothing to do with people who see beyond your myopic views. Go only where you are celebrated. If someone points out a weakness of yours, a character flaw or an area where you need further development, distance yourself from such ardent fault finders and malicious character defamers. If a teammate comes up with an idea, do not admit it is a good one or even commend him for it if he did not ask for your endorsement before going public about the idea. He doesn’t know your worth.

Stop Learning. You’ve Learned Enough
Never attend conferences or seminars. What will they teach you? The facilitator is your junior in age, the speaker was a protegee to one of your protegees. Do they know how many seminars you’ve organized yourself? However, make it clear that you’ll attend the seminar if and only if you’re the chief speaker. Don’t make out time to learn new things and improve on your skills even if your antiquated aptitude is now unproductive. Instead blame your lack of progress on the folks who are busy training hard and consequently changing the rules of the game, especially if they do not consult you before doing so. They have forgotten so soon that you made the rules.

Seek To Be Served
You have arrived, why should you still do the odd jobs? Make sure people carry your bag, books and other personal effects whenever they see you coming, even when you are stronger than they are. How else will others know that you’ve truly arrived? Don’t be the first to say hi. Never check on others to know how they are faring, you are too big for that. When others serve you, do not show gratitude, or they will begin to take you for granted. Rather, make them see that it is a rare privilege you gave them to have the honour to serve you. Don’t they know people who have become great just by serving you? Service is the key to greatness, so why should you bother to serve others since you are great already?

Ensure That Everyone Knows Your Status
Elaborate introductions are very important. Before you make a statement in public or in a meeting with teammates, be sure that someone reads out your profile, even if it is just a pointless question you’re about to ask. If no one is willing to do it , do it yourself. Spend more time talking about your self than you actually spend working on yourself. Your reputation is more important than your character. Drop the call when you call someone and the person doesn’t have your number saved or cannot place your voice, it doesn’t matter if you are the person who has a need. Value yourself.

Never Acknowledge That You Need Help
How will people look at you if they know that the almighty you needs help? Rather die in silence than allow that happen. Keep pretending you’re doing fine, that you can do it if you believe you can, that its just a matter of time and things will change for the better. Whatever you go through never request for help or support from others, because when you do you are indirectly saying that they are better than you. Who can be better than you? You are so unique and great potentials lie within you.

Fold Your Arms And Watch Things Go Bad
In times of conflict, do not get involved in resolution unless it will bolster your reputation. You have worked so hard to get to where you are. So do not sacrifice all of that in peace-making, even if all that is required is for you to rebuke the party that is wrong. You are not their mother to tell them they’re wrong or they’re right. Don’t they have consciences of their own? Always stay on the fence. Build one if there is none and stay there. Grey has to be your favourite colour.

Glory In Past Achievements
Record a song about your past achievements. Remix the song every now and then though you have no new feats. Blow your trumpet at every given opportunity, because no one will blow it for you. When people talk about the future, tell them they lack experience. Take them on a time trip into the past, play your song as the soundtrack during the journey. Don’t be bothered if you don’t have any new trophies, label people who do as being too ambitious and success driven. Be fulfilled and satisfied about where you are now. Be suspicious of yourself and consult a psychologist if the desire to take on new projects is suddenly aroused within you.

The End

We never stop growing. Maturity is an illusion.


Copyright (c) September 2014 clickpresh’s blog. All Rights Reserved.


2 thoughts on “FOR MATURE PERSONS ONLY | A Sure Guide… by clickpresh

  1. Nice. . . Maturity is really an illusion because there is almost always a chance for more growth.
    Lol @ “shut the door against fellow late comers when you arrive, including the ones who arrive before you”
    Narcissism and pride are part of our inertia as humans and it actually takes work to not exhibit such tendencies especially when life provides the slightest opportunity.
    Great work preshy.


    1. Thanks Ehis, I had to look inward to write this and I’ve learnt so much reading it…

      The tendency to think one has arrived is a temptation common to us all, and only a few persons overcome it.

      Thanks boss…



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