IF GOD DID NOT EXIST | Musings of a Fresh Convert by clickpresh

If God did not exist
And life was meaningful
Though empty of doctrines
Creeds, tenets not so doable
If there were no holy books
No moral compass codified
Inspired to correct and rebuke
Restraining man so defiled

If God did not exist
The creator of the universe
By whom good and bad co-exists
Rain and sunshine on every house
If conscience were an illusion
That still small voice
Unevenly distributed among humans
Acutely limiting the volition of choice

If God did not exist
Man without an external force
To ensure judgment as works be
Blessings and curses appropriately
If day did not come after night
The darkness lingering after dawn
The blind having no need for sight
Sunset and sunrise taking no turns

If God did not exist
And life was void of the hereafter
Of Heaven and hell, precincts
Of space and time eternal
If history just began now
Yesterday never really happened
Tomorrow never comes
Today, only piece of time unraveled

If love wasn’t a command
The greatest of all virtues of man
Forgiveness blessedly divine
And I could repay them who do me harm
If lust was a sign of adulthood
Maturity and chastity mutually exclusive
Lewd glances at women in my hood
Well rounded behind swaying in rhythm

If I protect the defenseless
House the destitute
Clothe the naked
Only because God has asked me to
If I take children for wives
Kill innocent people
Deprive girls of learning and basic rights
Thanks to the Benevolent, the Merciful

If I cannot be morally upright
Be involved in community projects
Quit social vices
Except there is a religious agenda
If I, in my full mental capacity
Conclude that my economy is of heaven
And so ignore the poverty around me
Not touched by the sufferings of others

If I cannot pray for the sick
Volunteer as a health worker
Make donations to a health trust fund
Join awareness rallies on social media
If in my air-conditioned office I sit
Make boast of my healing faith
When an epidemic hits my city
And make mockery of the sick and frail

If evil were more beneficial than good
Would I bother to do right?
Do I put up righteous acts
Because I will be blessed for doing so?
If living standards improve; learning,
Mortgage, health, job opportunities,
Security of life and property
Would I still have need for the Almighty?

Is fear of divine punishment
My motivation for right living?
What kind of life would I lead
If God did not exist to police me?

Copyright (c) August 2014 clickpresh’s blog. All Rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “IF GOD DID NOT EXIST | Musings of a Fresh Convert by clickpresh

  1. I’m sorry for my lengthy episode, didn’t mean to create a post within your post lol. I’d make a conscious effort to reduce the length of comments from now on.
    Its just the subject hits close to home. Once again good work preshy *smirks*


  2. A really beautiful piece, should specifically be directed at Nigerians because of the mammoth display of religious hypocrisy.
    Time and time again I have always stressed the need to differentiate between religion and morality. I’m of the opinion that if the sole reason you are righteous is because you are afraid of the fiery furnace supposedly in hell, then you are partially misguided. As soon as that fear drifts even a little bit away from your mind, you’d have no reason not to go back to your old ways.
    I am of the school of thought that an unbridled display of chastity, morality and goodness can be attained when individuals actually find a reason to believe in this virtues instead of just being apprehensive of being chastised in an afterlife for acting on the contrary.
    The most outstanding religious human is one who would still act in line with his beliefs even if his deity didn’t exist. Once again, really wonderful piece.
    P.S. . . You never told me your “preshy” was an alias, or is it just reserved for le females. Lol


    1. I totally agree with you. My only regret is that I did not feature you in the post, you seem to have so much to say. Lolz.

      Seriously, If morality was the only consequence of religion, it would just be fine. But men commit atrocities in the name of deities. Imagine how many civilians die in holy wars annually. I often wonder if humanity would be better of without divinity.

      Thanks, the ‘presh’ alias is exclusively reserved for the ladies only, lolz.


  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, These words are food for thought, and with sincerity in heart one will understand n know where dey stand in terms of their character traits and d reason for service both to God n humans. Tanx preshy!



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